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Jinwook Jung

Plan à vol de corbeau, poème n°1

Trio for voice, electric guitar and viola da gamba

Ensemble ictus 

Anne-Claire Baconnais, soprano

Eva Reiter, viola da gamba

Tom Pauwels, electric guitar


« Plan à vol de corbeau, poème n°1 »

is a piece by Jinwook Jung, laureate of the Festival Voix Nouvelles 2022 of the Royaumont Fondation.

"Breath" is free, sometimes sharp, light, but fleeting. The arrow of the breath opens the beginning of my music, attracts attention, transports memories and resistance. My piece is inspired by a Korean poetry called « Plan à vol de corbeau » written by Korean poet, Yi Sang (1910 – 1937). He is one of the most important avant-garde writers of modern Korean literature. Yi's architectural background influenced his work, which included the languages of lines, dots, number systems, equations and diagrams. In his poems he experimented with language, interiority, separation from inside one's self as well as the outer world which was reflected by the extremely oppressive ambiances from the Japanese colonial period of his era. In my piece I wanted to express and explore the oppressed and choking atmosphere of his hidden words and abstruse metaphors through controlling and modifying the air sounds and the materials coming from the breaths.  

illuminé (2019)

Trio for saxophone, viola and accordion

Klangforum Wien 
Sax. Gerald Preinfalk
Va. Dimitrios Polisoidis
Acc. Krassimir Sterev

A commission of »open music« for Klangforum Wien


Premiered and recorded on 20th December 2019

Museum der Wahrnehmung, Graz, Austria

"Bom?" (2018)

Duo for tenor recorder and harpsichord

Ensemble airborne extended
Caroline Mayrhofer, Tenor recorder
Sonja Leipold, Harpsichord

Musikprotokoll Graz - Steirischer Herbst

»concert d'après midi«

Premiére, recorded on 7th October 2018 by ORF
Hotel Wiesler, Graz, Austria

Urmeer (2018)

Trio for saxophone, percussion and piano

Ensemble Schallfeld
Sax. Matej Bunderla-Havaj
Perc. Manuel Alcaraz Clemente
Pn. Maria Flavia Cerrato

A commission for »Text im Klang« by Impuls,

Association for the Communication of Contemporary Music Graz

Premiére, recorded on 1 June 2018
Großer Minoritensaal, Graz, Austria

La pyramide de macarons (2018)

Quartet for flute and string trio

Fl. Matteo Cesari

(Members of Quartetto Prometeo)

Vn. Giulio Rovighi

Va. Massimo Piva

Vc. Francesco Dillon

Chigiana International Festival and Summer Accademy 2018

Final Concert of Composition Course (M° Salvatore Sciarrino)

Recorded on 20 July 2018

Palazzo Chigi Saracini, Siena, Italy

Unerasing (2016/18)

For Orchestra

Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France
Direction: Peter Rundel

Festival »ManiFeste-2018«  

IRCAM / Centre Pompidou

Création: 23 June 2018

CentQuatre Paris, France

Lame Duck (2017)

For solo oboe

Ob. Jaime González

 A projekt of Ensemble Recherche

»Die Zukunft beginnt um 19.15 Uhr«

Premiére, recorded on 26 April 2017

Ensemblehaus Freiburg, Germany

Stairs (2016)

Quintet for clarinet, two cellos, harp and piano

Cl./Bcl. Jonathan Jehle 
Vc.1 Elisabet Iserte López
Vc.2 Ana Lucia Arigoni
Hrp. Sólveig Thoroddsen 
Pn. Mathieu Bech

Bachelorkonzert Komposition

Premiére, recorded on 1 July 2016

University of the Arts Bremen, Germany

Reverse (2016)

For ensemble of 13 musicians

Fl. Isabelle Raphaelis 
Cl. Maika Inoue

Hrn. Sonja Engelhardt 
Perc. Liang Duo 
Vn.1 Chanmi Shin 
Va. Astrid Canales
Db. Kevin Zenteno

Bachelorkonzert Komposition

Premiére, recorded on 1 July 2016

University of the Arts Bremen, Germany

Ob. Marco Drewes
Bn.  Kevin Ramirez

Trob. Georg Schreiber
Pn. Samsol Bak
Vn.2 Marike Webel
Vc. Guillermo Pérez 
Cond. René Gulikers

Traumbesuch (2015)

For string quartet

Vn.1 Lukas Stubenrauch 
Vn.2 Roman Ohem
Va. Tzu-Chiao Lin
Vc. Tobias Hoffmann

Bachelorkonzert Komposition

Recorded on 1 July 2016

University of the Arts Bremen, Germany

Folias (2015)


Sound design 

Jinwook Jung

ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

»GLOBALE: next_generation 6.0«

Recorded on 27 June 2015

ZKM Kubus, Karlsruhe, Germany

Narcisse (2014)

Duo for two Violoncelli

Vc.1 Elisabet Iserte López
Vc.2 Guillermo Pérez Nieto-Sandoval

Werkstattkonzert Komposition

Recorded on 26 January 2015

University of the Arts Bremen, Germany

Eu-scha (2014)

For flute solo

Fl. Remi Nagano

A commission for the contemporary music concert series, »konzertreihe 11.11 neue musik« of Hans-Joachim Hespos 

Premiére, recorded on 11 November 2014

Theater  Delmenhorst, Germany

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