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Dream Journey to the Peach Blossom Land

14th September, 2015 

Jinwook Jung

After I wake up from a fun and interesting dream, I always look back on the dream and try to remember how the dream started and ended. At times, I am deeply immersed into my thoughts for hours after I wake up to remember my dream. I came to know about an artwork from the Joseon Dynasty that has a story behind it that is very similar to such experiences of mine.




"Cultural Exchange"

28th October, 2016

​Jinwook Jung

«Arirang» is a very old Korean folk song. And it is the most well-known Korean folk song. It is even used at football matches as a substitute for the Korean national anthem. UNESCO includes the song as part of the cultural heritage of mankind. But what lots of people actually do with this song is at least worth questioning. 


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